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The British are coming! The British are coming!

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 8:00 AM

75 police officers from London's Scotland Yard, along with staff and supporters will be in New York City this weekend to raise money for childhood cancer research.

On May 23rd and 24th, the officers will compete in a 2-day marathon event in Central Park. The NYPD will host the British police officers and provide all security measures, traffic control, and logistical support as the London bobbies run two half-marathons, in the two day event. To add to the challenge, the British officers will run dressed in British police uniforms including helmets, bringing international attention and making the event a great spectators event not to be missed. The group hopes to raise $100,000 for neuroblastoma research inspired by a 7-year old boy name Michael Jack Brown. Jack Brown was the son of Metropolitan Detective Sergeants Yvonne and Richard Brown. Jack suffered with neuroblastoma for the past 4 years but sadly lost his fight on May 3rd 2009 while taking part in a new clinical trial to fight the disease in Vermont. The running team, comprised of London Metropolitan police officers and colleagues from Essex Police, British Transport Police, Sussex Police and Cambridgeshire Police, will include Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, John Yates, better known as Yates of the Yard, and Steve Wisby, commanding officer and Chief Superintendent of Havering borough, England.

Please come out to Central Park on Saturday or Sunday morning to run with our brothers in blue who have crossed the pond for this very worthy cause. You don't have to run the entire distance but come out wearing your NYPD Running Club singlet or another NYPD shirt and show your support. Each day they are meeting at Columbus Circle at 0815 hours to begin the run. The run will take approximately four hours each day so stop by at anytime and run a few miles. If your coming out also consider bringing a few give-aways such as NYPD patches, hats, shirts, etc. For further information on where they will be at any given time contact Tom Biggers at 516-680-8672

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