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ING New York City Marathon

Sunday, November 7th, 2010 9:40 AM

Congratulations to all the NYPD Running Club members who finished the 2010 NYC ING Marathon.

Special praise goes out to our top finisher, Police Officer Jose Benitez, who finished in an amazing time of 2:39:08. That time placed him in 102nd place out of more than 45,000 finishers. Our top female finisher was Detective Patricia O'Brien in a very respectful time of 3:58:19.

In the annual Mayor's Cup competition the FDNY team won. Our top ten members of the service who were scored in the Mayor's Cup Trophy competition were

Jose Benitez 2:39:08, William Hansler 2:54:09, Terry Allen 3:04:42, Tim Dowling 3:07:21, Gabriel Healy 3:12:04, Matt Wright 3:14:49, Joe Redmond 3:16:02, James Schramm 3:23:11, Peter Tuffey 3:32:39, Steven Caraballo 3:36:04.

Visit the results link to the right for further results. Look at both the New York Police Department team and the New York Police Department Mayor's Cup team for complete results.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who worked hard to make the NYPD Running Club marathon experience for our colleagues, family members, and guests the best there is to offer.

Thanks again! Bob Henning, Michael Smyth, Curtis Dixon, Bob and Fernanda Eslick, Michelle Irizarry, Joe Busso, Joe Greco, Tony Vigiotti, Stacey Gustafson, Pat Bisogno, David Stein, Eileen Powers, Cindy Stempfel, Kevin and Beverly Bienemann, Gina Lipari, Phyllis Roth, Kevin Healy, Calvin Conner and Abraham Ocasio .

Special thanks to the NYPD Photographers who took numerous photos as well as our good friend and photographer Don Previn. Also thank you Sergeant Gary Brower, Operations and Sergeant Joe Murphy, Highway Division.

Fraternally Tom Biggers, President NYPDRC

You can view photos of the event here.

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